The Wanderlark® Itinerary

We are unabashed ‘Type A’ people who love organizing travel and crafting the perfect itinerary. It's both an art and a science that requires experience and expertise. Each itinerary is custom-tailored to fit you, so no two itineraries are alike — but here's what you can expect to find in yours:


Epic Experiences

While we're all for rest and relaxation, we want to enable authentic experiences that satisfy your curiosities and expand your horizons.


Hidden Gems

We love finding the cool little places that many travelers miss. Sometimes they are hiding in plain sight, other times they are literally hidden from view. Either way, you can expect to go way beyond the guidebook.

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Local Hangouts

Want to experience a place like a local? We'll help you explore neighborhoods and venture into other areas that most tourists never see.


Foodie Hotspots

Though we kind of hate the word 'foodie,' it's an accurate term for us — we love food (and drink)! We always include interesting, high-quality restaurants and bars for you to enjoy.