I have personally experienced the trip planning expertise of Vinal and Wanderlark She provided an excellent agenda and outline for my trip, where I felt I was able to take advantage of the best sites and experiences in each place that I visited. She tailored the places to visit, eat, and drink to my preferences, and I ended up having a fabulous time because of it! I have come back to use Vinal for multiple trips time and again because of how knowledgeable she is.
— Stephanie W., Portland, OR
Wanderlark will plan a not-to-be-forgotten, exactly-right-for-you experience. You’ll travel both on the beaten path and off; you’ll enjoy food both familiar and fascinating; you’ll see sights from the tour guides and beyond. Our weekend in Paris, planned by Vinal, showed us parts of the city we never would have known about and gave us a more well-rounded view of this part of the world we’d thought we already knew. We could not recommend bespoke travel more highly for thoughtful, courteous service with an amazing trip as the result.
— Marti B., Ann Arbor, MI
I was lucky enough to go on a vacation to Miami. Vinal planned an incredible experience from start to finish for a large group. Due to her advanced planning and knowledge of the local culinary & nightlife scene, we were able to snag reservations at all of the hottest restaurants & clubs at prime times without having to lift a finger. Traveling in larger groups poses a number of problems when trying to satisfy everyone’s tastes — but Vinal tailored the activities & accommodations to the group, which made the experience varied & unique, and also worked within everyone’s budgets. I am a very spontaneous traveler, but really appreciated the seamlessness of the trip — everything was booked in advance, but the itinerary also allowed for spontaneity and exploration which was appreciated. I would absolutely recommend Wanderlark to anyone who is looking for expertise in travel planning, and wants their vacation to be relaxing & effortless as it should be!
— Ashley F., Detroit, MI
I got the privilege of having Vinal and Wanderlark plan my bachelorette party in New York City. To say that I was impressed is an understatement. Everything was impeccably planned and fit my personal style perfectly. She is very detailed-oriented. Not only did she find the perfect restaurants, bars, and hotels, she made sure that these places were aware it was my bachelorette party. We were treated to the best service and a few freebies as well!
— Emily K., Dearborn, MI
This was my first experience with a custom travel and experience itinerary, and it couldn’t have been better. Vinal took a ton of time really getting a feel for how my boyfriend and I liked to travel and presented customized recommendations to match our interests. Sometimes we would look things up on Foursquare while we were traveling just to see what other people recommended, and Vinal already had the best of the best sights, restaurants, and recommendations already covered in her tailored list for us. I didn’t have the time or energy to make sure I was optimizing our travel time and sightseeing effectively, and that’s exactly what Wanderlark/Vinal does. She was conscious of our interests, our budget, and our trip goals. I can’t wait to use bespoke’s services again. Thanks for making our New England roadtrip easy and magical!!!
— Elyse G., Ann Arbor, MI
Vinal planned a roadtrip for my boyfriend’s graduation weekend, from Ann Arbor MI to “the other side” of Lake Michigan in Northern Wisconsin. Vinal recommended the perfect pit stops along I-94 , from Frank Lloyd Wright’s SC Johnson Administration Building to dive-y food stops off the beaten path. All in all we were both very satisfied with Vinal’s services, and would definitely travel with Wanderlark again!
— Ivy W., Ann Arbor, MI
Had a great experience with Wanderlark on a recent trip to Dubai and Switzerland. They took the time to understand what we liked to do and how we wanted to spend our trip, made plenty of reservations for us and were able to make changes to those reservations on the fly based on our schedule. I loved the Google map they made, too, showing where all of the recommendations were relative to our hotel. Highly recommend using them if you need some great recommendations and better service!
— Mike R., New York, NY