A Note From Wanderlark's Founder

My idea for Wanderlark did not come in the form of a lightbulb; rather, it developed over time. Studying at the University of London, interning in Washington, DC, and working at Google Ireland allowed me to spend long periods of time in new, exciting, and sometimes overwhelming cities. In the process, I learned so much about myself. I also gained some valuable life skills. Perhaps most importantly, I learned a thing or two about traveling.

First: anytime you’re away from home, a little bit of research goes a very long way. Some people find it tedious, but I love researching! I could (and often do) spend hours reading about the world’s greatest cities, tiny towns, and everything in between. Second: having at least a loose plan of action is crucial. As all of my family and friends will attest, I love planning. Whether it’s an intimate dinner party or a two-week vacation, I relish the little details and the organization required to make it all come together.

But doing research, putting together a plan, and arranging countless details is not easy. The process can be so stressful and time-consuming that some people avoid celebrating a special occasion or scheduling their next vacation. That is just sad, considering that positive experiences generate more long-lasting happiness than material objects.

While it’s fun to research and plan experiences for myself, I get so much joy out of helping others have wonderful experiences, whether in their hometowns or on opposite sides of the world. In a country where many people don’t use all of their vacation time and in turn, miss out on hundreds of incredible experiences, I consider it both a duty and a privilege to help my clients get out there and enjoy everything this world has to offer. It would be an honor to help you, too!


More About Vinal

  • Daughter, sister, aunt, wife, and dog mom

  • Content creator

  • Amateur photographer

  • Fitness & yoga enthusiast

  • Kitchen experimenter

  • Electronic music lover

  • Proud Wolverine (University of Michigan alum)

  • Ex-Googler