Still not sure what we're all about? Read through these frequently asked questions or simply contact us.

What does Wanderlark mean?

To wander means to walk or move in a leisurely way. Lark is not only a type of bird, it refers to something done for fun; an amusing adventure or escapade. Combined, the two words capture the spirit of our company perfectly. We want to make it easier for our clients to wander and enjoy their surroundings, whether that’s close to home or in a far-flung destination halfway around the world.

Is Wanderlark a travel agency?

Yes - but we because we work a little differently, we prefer the phrase "travel consultancy." We view ourselves as travel consultants who advise and advocate for our clients (not salespeople). Unlike some agencies, we we are not biased towards specific travel suppliers. Our clients always come first - we offer the best solutions that fit their individual needs, regardless of financial gain.

How does pricing work?

Like consultants in other fields, we charge for services rendered. Service fees begin at $50 and increase depending on the complexity of the client's request and how much time it will require. As such, prices vary by the type and length of experience. Please contact us for a quote.

Trips are easy to plan using the Internet. Why should I hire Wanderlark?

While we love technology and we agree that the Internet is useful, it's not perfect. There are millions of websites out there, some of which offer inaccurate information. It takes time, energy, and expertise to pore through all of these sources, decipher them, and extract relevant information. At Wanderlark, we draw from personal experiences and trusted sources to put together the perfect itinerary for each individual client. But don't take our word for it! Take it from Rob H., a Wanderlark client: "Wanderlark presented everything with an eye on detail and with a very personal touch. I was genuinely surprised by how quickly I went from someone who enjoyed planning his own trips (so I knew that it would be suited to my tastes) to someone who was eager to use Wanderlark’s services again." Feel free to read additional testimonials here.

Let's say I do hire Wanderlark. What do I get?

Each client receives the highest level of customer service. That means personal attention, prompt responses, utmost care and attention to detail throughout the entire process described here. In addition to these intangibles, you will receive a completely custom itinerary paired with valuable resources to help you prepare for your experience at least one month prior to your departure.